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I am a freelance writer specializing in the fields of science, philosophy and education.  My writing is featured in Nautilus “Facts so Romantic,” as well as other outlets.

My distinctly interdisciplinary approach to journalism hails from my diverse professional and educational experiences.  For example, I founded an education outreach consultancy, held a fellowship at a public policy think tank in DC, worked as a Congressional staffer, taught university courses in scientific research methods, elementary school science, and at child development centers, and dabbled in law.

I hold a B.S. in Liberal Studies, cum laude from Cal Poly, with a focus in science and mathematics, a minor in Child Development/Psychology, an emphasis in Elementary Education and a teaching credential.

My professional and personal passion is the interdisciplinary study of the sciences and philosophy as they relate to the developmental trajectory of humans.  I use the lens of human beliefs to examine why humans do what we do during various life stages and, conversely, use science and philosophy to illuminate why humans believe what we believe. The nature of time is of particular relevance and interest.

Though I was born and raised near the paradisaical coasts of Southern California, I have resided in the Washington, DC area for over a decade-minus a stint in NYC.  I enjoy lively conversations about big ideas, nature walks, painting, urban hiking, strolling through museums, meandering bike rides and other contemplative outings with my husband, children (ages 9 and 7) and dog.